Why wax?

Waxing is one of the best ways to temporarily remove unwanted hair. It is more effective than shaving because it removes hair from the roots, not just from the skin’s surface. Over time, hair in waxed areas regrows lighter and more sparse, or not at all.
Even fine hair shadows the face, distorting and aging your features.

What is the difference between a bikini and an Brazilian wax?

A bikini wax is the removal of hair along the bikini line. A bikini wax ensures that when you’re in your bikini bottom, you do not have to worry about any hair outside of the lines of your bikini. This typical bikini wax is simple, relatively, fast. A Brazilian Wax removes all the hair from the frontal part of your bikini area and then goes all the way back.  Every bit of hair is waxed off during a Brazilian wax: hair on the front, back, sides, and in between. Removing all the hair in your bikini area. This wax is perfect for those who like the nude feel and do not want any hair whatsoever down there.

Will my hair grow back thicker or darker?

Not at all! With each waxing visit, your hair will begin to grow back at a finer texture. It becomes easier and quicker to remove with each visit. The more you wax, the less it hurts!

What if I have allergies, acne, or am taking medications?

If you have allergies, or are taking any medications, let your waxing specialist know before your appointment. Antibiotics and topical acne medications (including Accutane, Differin, Retin A, prednisone or corticosteroids) can make your skin more sensitive and potentially susceptible to some skin lifting.

What if I have never had my eyebrows waxed or shaped?

We take special care to help you decide the right brow shape for your face shape and features. No matter where you start, with time and patience, we can help you achieve your desired brow look with our signature brow design services.

 Should I be exfoliating?

Exfoliating is important after waxing, to help prevent ingrown hairs. We recommend starting 24-48 hours after your wax, and can recommend products and routines.

How soon can I workout, after my wax?

Sweating and increased heat in sensitive areas can irritate your skin after waxing. We suggest avoiding the gym or workouts for 24-48 hours, after your services.

How does my hair need to be for waxing?

Your hair should grow to at least ¼ inch – this is about the length of your lower eyelash or the length of a grain of rice. If it’s longer, don’t worry; our waxing specialists will take care of you! It is better to come in and let us help, rather than trimming or shaving longer hair, before your visit. This could result in hair that is too short to properly wax.

Should I take any pain medication before my visit?

We advise taking Ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment, if you have a low pain tolerance.

I’m on my period, can I still get waxed?

Of course! Remember that increase skin sensitivity is normal during menses, but ibuprofen will help! Take some about 30 minutes before your visit.

Do men really get waxed? What do they do?

Yes! We have many male clients who get waxed daily! We offer all of the same services to men, as we do women. Most men come in for chest waxing, back, nose, ears, and even Manzilians (the male version of a Brazilian). See a full list of our services by checking out our service menu.